When we told you about a duplex planned for the 800 block of N. 16th St. the other day, we referenced the crepes at the nearby Vineyards Cafe. We lack self control, so the very next day we found ourselves right back there, shoving crepey goodness into our faces. Satisfied, we left the scene of the crime and happened upon some new construction just a block away at the corner of 15th & Ogden. The southeast corner has, shall we say, grown up a little.

Southeast corner, in the past

Now it looks like this

It's interesting that a tiny building at this corner is being replaced by one of the taller buildings in the neighborhood. When it's finished, the new structure will contain some apartments and a couple of parking spots. Side note, does anyone remember when the demolished building was in active use? If so, we'd love to know what it was used for. A newsstand perhaps?

We visited this block last summer (which seems like eons ago) and wondered when someone would start building on the 1400 block of Ogden Street. The developers building the project above are the only ones so far, but it seems that more development is on the way. The block is still chock full of vacancy, but permits are in process for at least five more lots on the block. So take a good look sometime soon, because it's gonna be a different scene in the near future.

Looking east on the 1400 block of Ogden Street

Assuming that things progress as expected with the renovation of the Metropolitan Opera House right next door, this block could quickly become one of the most attractive in the neighborhood. Speaking of the Met, has anyone in the neighborhood heard anything recently about the timeline for that project?