Last spring we told you about plans from Loonstyn Properties for four new triplexes at the northwest corner of 19th & Brown across the street from a large vacant triangular parcel and only a block away from the major developments that occurred the past two years near 19th & Poplar, including the now completed 35-unit townhome development. After a year of waiting, it appears that triplex project is moving ahead. When we zipped by a few days ago, we found that the parcel which previously included a shaggy building with a Unity mural was fenced in and foundation work was underway.

Construction finally moving forward

Vacant lot across the street remains

Moving to the west, we see that two new homes have cropped up near the intersection of Uber & Brown. A foundation on the southwest corner that we told you about in November has sprouted a home. Across the street, another new home has arrived, though a vacant lot remains on the corner. Maybe soon, that too will be developed.

New home on south side of Uber St.

Another new home next to a lot

A block west on Brown Street towards Capitol, we noticed that the disaster of a building at the corner of Capitol & Brown was for sale. Again. Some words scrawled in chalk on the side of the building tell the tale: 'For Sale: Put Me Out Of My Misery.' Back in the fall we told you developers planned to add a third story here. Those plans have apparently petered out and now it's for sale with plans (but not approvals from what we can tell) to demo the building and replace it with two homes. We'll see if anybody bites at $335K.

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To sum up, that's two new homes that have been built, four new triplexes that are finally on the way, and one building that looks like it's ready to fall over but for the efforts of some yet unnamed developer. It may not be the insanity that we saw at 19th & Poplar over the last couple of years, but it's certainly progress. And there's plenty more where that came from.