The 700 block of N. 19th St. has changed some in recent years, with developers demolishing one-story homes built by PHA in the 1980s and replacing them with modern buildings. Most recently, we told you about some demolition on this block, and plans for a six-unit building. That project, at 742 N. 19th St., has progressed nicely since the winter.

Six-unit building under construction, new duplex nearby

The 800 block of N. 19th St. has seen some recent development as well, notably the construction of four triplexes at the corner of 19th & Brown, a lot that was formerly the site of a pleasant unity mural. And this block should be getting some more triplexes in the near future.

Two triplexes coming here

And another's planned here

Over the weekend we spied some zoning notices at the vacant lot at 832-34 N. 19th St., but now the orange posters are no longer visible. These vacant lots have been owned by the same people since 1988, but we're guessing that new owners are stepping in with plans for development. The same situation may be the case at 828 N. 19th St., where affordable housing developer Community Ventures got the lot for less than $4,000 back in 1995 from PHDC but hasn't done anything with it since. So perhaps they're selling the lot or finally, after twenty years, getting around to redeveloping it. Either one is fine with us. In case you're wondering, all three of these lots are zoned for commercial us, necessitating the zoning variance. But hey, who need remapping?

Lot at 19th & Wylie, still vacant

Across the street, we see the large vacant triangular lot that we first wondered about a couple years ago. In case you were wondering, there's still nothing happening here, despite all the construction taking place around it. Maybe someday.