When we last took a peek at the new building on the northeast corner of 19th & Fairmount, the first three stories had just been framed out. Three plus months later, the building is fully framed to all four stories, the windows are in, and the bricks have nearly finished making their way up the facade.

Back in June


In our previous coverage of this building, we’ve mentioned that a grocery/cafe/prepared foods shop would be opening in the retail space on the first floor. Last week, Michael Klein provided some additional details about this place, which will be called Tela’s Market and Kitchen. Along with grocery items and locally grown produce, the place will also have sandwiches, soups, salads, and coffee for sit-down and take-out. The chef is Chad Williams, who has spent the last several years working at various Jose Garces establishments. No doubt, the food will be both tasty and creative. As for pricing, we can’t say anything for sure. But if the cost of the two pop-up meals coming up this month at JG Domestic are any indication ($85/head), neighbors might want to prepare themselves to open their wallets wide.

Closer look

It’s interesting that just a week after we were lamenting the loss of two local produce places, we were reminded that the neighborhood would soon be getting a new spot for fresh fruits and veggies. And Tela’s will certainly also make life easier for folks who have been relying on Whole Foods for their meat and seafood needs. As for the cafe aspect, the place will have plenty of competition from other spots, though Fairmount Avenue seems to have an endless capacity for additional eateries.

We’ll be interested to check it out when it opens next month.