A couple of weeks back, we told you about two new homes, with a garage in the middle, coming to the hidden 800 block of Opal St., in Francisville. Here, check out the foundations being dug as of last week:

A few days ago

Next to these homes, in case you forgot, is newish and adorable Ogden Park, truly a lovely amenity for the future homeowners, as well as everybody in the neighborhood.

Ogden Park

Now, as promised, we have some renderings for this project. Designed by David Traub Architects to resemble a historic carriage house nearby on Cambridge St., these new homes will really pop.

Renderings of the new homes

The building that inspired the development, in rendering form

From what we understand, the owner and the builder who are partnering in this project will be living in the two homes on either side of the garage. A rental apartment will also be located above the garage, ostensibly owned and managed by both parties.

We’re always nervous when builders attempt to replicate or pay such close homage to a 100-year-old building. Often, the results come off poorly in comparison to the original. But with careful choices of materials, and a tremendous attention to detail, this new building can stand on its own and come off as impressively as its inspiration.

We’ll be excited to track the progress of this development, and report back with some updates, mid-construction.