Continuing our coverage of the boom in Francisville, we’ve spotted a new foundation on the way at 812-14 N. 15th St.


Looking north

According to the zoning application, the developer is consolidating two lots into one large six-family home with no parking. Though we don’t know what the new building will look like, we hope it’s an upgrade from what was once on this site.

All kinds of ugly

This new construction is going on in the middle of a very active stretch of the neighborhood. Back in August, we wrote about the Philadelphia Boy’s Choir moving their headquarters to a building on the 1500 block of Parrish St., just around the corner. Just yesterday, we mentioned a thirty-unit project a block and a half away, on the 1400 block of Fairmount Ave. And while we haven’t written about it yet, there are some fancy new homes just to the north of this development, with more on the way.


Wondering what’s stopping development in between the new foundation and the fancy houses above? How bout seven vacant lots owned by the RDA on the west side of the street and a bunch more on the east side? Now, if only there was some sort of program by which the city was selling off valuable parcels to private developers

Help us out, Mr. Clarke. No one’s building student housing here, we promise.