We’ve had plenty of coverage of Ridge Avenue in Francisville over the past couple of years, mostly sharing info about vacant land and blighted (and tax delinquent) properties. One major project we’ve seen come about on Ridge of late is the huge Project H.O.M.E. development on the 1500 block, which is still being framed out. Today we have a smaller but still important project to bring to your attention, this time on the 1600 block.

Zoning notice

We noticed a zoning notice at 1608 Ridge Ave. a couple of weeks ago, and just realized that the project is going before the ZBA this week. Proposed for this currently vacant lot is a new mixed-use building with bays and balconies, a community center on the first floor, and twelve residential units. We can only imagine that these will be rental units, and we would also strongly assume that the community center will be a new home for the Francisville Neighborhood Development Corporation. Harman Deutsch is doing the design work, and was kind enough to share a rendering.

Planned building

An interesting mix of brick, cement board, glass, and wood siding will make up the facade of one of the first new mixed-use buildings to come to Ridge Avenue in recent memory. Hopefully, this is a sign of things to come for this weary corridor, which was once the active commercial center of the neighborhood. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on this project, which will hopefully get off the ground very soon.