Kayuh Bicycles is a not-even-two-month-old bike shop at 1900 W. Girard Ave. with an interesting mission and history. Owner Izzat Rahman originates from Malaysia, and he and a partner were finalists in the Fox School of Business Be Your Own Boss Bowl Competition in 2011. Their concept was to offer refurbished and custom-made bicycles, targeting college students with reasonable price points and convenient locations. A little over a year after the competition, Rahman, along with a different partner, opened their first location on the edge of Francisville.

The corner

Closer look

We stopped inside the other day, and saw the small collection of bikes that ranged in price from just under $100 to over $400 for custom-made bicycles. They also sell some biking gear, but the limited space limits the selection. The gentleman behind the counter was friendly and engaging, even though we were just browsing, and offered a free bike map of the city just for walking in the door. Compared to other bike shops we’ve visited, the atmosphere was relaxed, and we didn’t feel like a single person inside was judging us for not knowing how to replace a tube.

Interior shot. Photo credit: Kayuh Bicycles Facebook page

Perched on Girard Avenue, right near the Girard College campus, it may seem that this business has opened in a somewhat remote location. On the contrary, there is so much development going on right around the corner. The bumpin’ corner of 19th & Poplar is just a block to the south, with multiple projects going on, and a couple more just on the horizon. Plus, two blocks to the west, the thirty-unit development at Girard & Corinthian should be moving forward in the coming months, which will mean even more customers for the bike shop. And with the southwestern corner of Temple‘s campus just three blocks away as the crow flies, we imagine that plenty of students will be checking out this business once the end of August rolls around.

Now, if only we could get a couple more businesses to open up on Girard Avenue…