Way back in the fall of 2011, we told you about a six-unit project going up near the corner of 17th & Cambridge in Francisville. At the time, we commented that the project seemed to be moving rather slowly, having received zoning approvals back in the middle of 2010. Well, another year and a half seems to have only made a small difference as there has definitely been some progress at this site but the building appears to still be far away from completion.

November 2011

Current view

We found ourselves on this corner because a reader told us about a zoning notice next door to this still-unfinished building. By the time we got here the notice was gone, but the L&I Map was able to fill us in on what may be coming here.

Corner lot has been vacant for who knows how long

According to the zoning application, the owners of this property are hoping to build a duplex on this corner. The project went to the ZBA last month but was continued and apparently came back last week, but we don’t know the result. What’s curious about this parcel is that according to public record, it’s owned by St. Joseph’s Hospital, which is right across the street and received the lot from the PRA fifteen years ago. Our best guess for an explanation is that the hospital recently sold the lot and the sale simply hasn’t appeared on public record just yet.

Hopefully, the duplex will get approval and another vacant lot will soon be filled in Francisville. And let us all pray that the semi-built project next door gets finished in the very near future, to boot. Does anyone out there know the source of the holdup on that?