It was over two and a half years ago that we first told you about 922-26 N. 17th St. in Francisville. Back then, the triple-wide six-unit building had been framed out and was waiting for bricks. We even commented that the project seemed to be moving a little slowly, as it had gone to zoning a year prior. Still, we saw no reason why the project would lag further. But we were wrong.

November, 2011

Almost a year ago, we revisited the property, and rather than finding a completed project, we came upon a building that had only seen minor progress. Bricks appeared, windows were in, but part of the facade remained unfinished. We wondered what was taking so long, shrugged, and moved on with our lives.

About a year ago

Until last week, when we passed by again and discovered that the exterior of the building is closer to completion. The northern section of the facade actually looks pretty cool, and the units in the building are now for sale. Prices range between $299K and $379K.

Current view

When we wrote about the building last, we told you that a duplex was proposed next door. Perhaps the builders decided they wouldn't stucco their southern wall in anticipation of that duplex's construction. Then again, given the typical pace on this block, maybe it's best not to wait. Nevertheless, here's hoping the slow-moving project finishes soon and the duplex quickly follows.