Last month, we told you about a single duplex under construction at 1743 Cambridge St., on a block that’s got more vacant land than homes. Today, we return to this block, not only to update you on the state of this project but also to fill you in on a new development planned for this block that will fill in a significant chunk of its vacant land. First, the duplex that we previously told you about is just about finished, at least on the outside.

Getting closer

Looking down the block, a sign recently appeared advertising the construction of four new homes to the east of the building pictured above. According to the permits, these will be single-family homes with parking. Like the other new project on the block, we’re guessing that these will also have rear-access parking, which is certainly preferable to garage-front homes.

Sign on the vacant lots

When we were last discussing this block, we mentioned the fact that most of the vacant lots here are 12′ wide, which severely limits their potential for development. Smartly, the developers building these homes have acquired five lots in a row and are combining them into four buildable lots which will each be 15′ wide. Even with four new homes replacing five vacant lots, seven lots will still remain on this block. Still, the construction of five new buildings here in 2013 represents tremendous progress, and may signal that more construction could be coming soon. We’d imagine that the folks who end up buying these homes are banking on it.