Last summer, we gave you some preliminary info about Folsom Powerhouse, a joint venture between Equinox Management & Construction and Postgreen Homes. This project will eventually include thirty-one new units on a mass of land in the southern part of Francisville which has been owned by City agencies for years. Like other Postgreen projects, the units will be extremely sustainable, and design work has been done by Interface Studio Architects. Passing by the other day, it seems the first phase of the project is moving along nicely.

Framing ongoing

The first phase includes the construction of seven buildings- three townhomes and four duplexes. According to the project page on the Postgreen website, all but one of the units are under agreement for the phase currently under construction. Townhomes are selling at a price of $415K, upper condo units are selling at $335K, and lower condo units are selling at $285K. The next phase will involve the construction of two buildings with frontage on 18th Street. We're pretty sure these buildings will contain ten rental apartments.

Next phase

Rendering of the buildings still to come

But that's not all! There will be even more new construction coming to the east of the units that are currently being built. Look for one more home, three more duplexes, and a triplex to fill out the rest of the development.

Project site plan

Aerial view of the project. Design has changed some.

We couldn't be more thrilled so see this project coming together on this long-undeveloped lot. And maybe we're getting greedy, but is it too much to ask for some similar lots nearby to get the same treatment? Let us dream, folks.