A couple of readers have been wondering what's up with the recently created hole at the intersection of Corinthian & Ogden, on the southeast corner. We actually didn't even know about it until we coincidentally passed by the other day, on our way to snap photos of the nearly completed apartments where Corinthian hits Girard. In a past life, this corner was a fenced-in property that looks like it may have been a parking lot of some kind. Perhaps there were homes here once upon a time, but whatever was here previously was gone well before we came on the scene.

In the past

Recent view

The property, which actually includes three lots on Corinthian and one lot on Ogden, was purchased late last year by MJL Properties, according to Philly.com. This developer has done a ton of construction in Francisville, notably the 35-unit development near the popular 19th & Poplar intersection. This project, which got approved by the ZBA back in December, will mean three new homes fronting Corinthian Street and a three-condo building on Ogden Street. Morrissey Design did the architecture work, and we kinda dig the look.

Project rendering

As you can see in the drawing, the project will have a drive-aisle, with the homes each getting a parking spot and the same holding true for the condos. Looking at the corner property, it almost looks like there's a commercial use planned for the first floor, but according to the permits it will be residential. You've gotta like the natural light that the home is going to get. And speaking of things we like, comparing the new project to the junk that's been on this corner for who knows how long, we really appreciate the upgrade. We'd have to imagine that the people who live nearby will feel the same way, at least once the months of construction come to an end.