News flash, Ridge Avenue is changing. Okay, this isn't as much a news flash as it is a reminder of the drum we've been beating for several years. But just because it's old news doesn't mean it's irrelevant or not worth mentioning regularly. After all, some blocks on Ridge have been totally transformed. Take, for example, the north side of 1600 block. As recently as 2011, there was one lonely building on this block, stretching from Parrish to Ogden Street.

In the past

It's quite a different scene today. We last checked in on this block a little over a year ago, when a new mixed-use building was approaching the finish line at 1523 Ridge Ave. and another building was just getting started next door. Visiting the block today, we see that the latter building is finished or very close to done, another building has appeared on the eastern side of the block, and another project should soon rise in between. Oh and by the way, the lone building on the block from a few years back is now gone. Check it out.

New building at Ogden Street

Closer look, plus the building next door

Another mixed use building coming here

New four story building at Parrish Street

View of the building, looking north on Ridge

You'll notice, one of the buildings as well as the vacant lot have 'Stop Work Orders' posted. We don't know what that's about but have to imagine that they'll get resolved soon, clearing the way for construction to get moving on another mixed-use building for this block. Of course, all of this is great news for the commercial corridor and Francisville in general, as each building adds retail space and future customers to the area. Yet to date, none of these retail spaces have tenants and we're pretty sure this is a critical element when it comes to a successful commercial corridor. We've opined previously that once Ridge Avenue gets a couple of retailers to establish roots, it will hopefully create a domino effect and draw other retailers to the corridor. As developers create more retail spaces, the selection grows for potential tenants, and the likelihood increases that somebody will find something they like. It's just a matter of time, folks.