The intersection of 19th & Poplar has been a nexus of sorts as Francisville has seen incredible development over the last several years. We've seen several condo projects built, a collection of homes just to the north and south, and a collection of one-off projects to boot. Over the summer, we told you about plans for "the last two lots at 19th & Poplar," discussing a two-duplex project on the southeast corner which was actually withdrawn from the ZBA earlier this month. But just a few months later, we have news of a project at 1822-24 Poplar St., just down the block. Previously these parcels were a long-blighted building and a vacant lot.

In the past

Now, construction is underway.

Construction site plus looking west

Previously, developers proposed building two triplexes here and they took the project to the ZBA. But somewhere along the line they decided against it and now they're building duplexes. This will fit in well with the row of duplexes down the street which we're pretty sure were sold off as condos. We expect the same thing here.

The north side of the block is also in a state of transition. V2 Properties recently built a new home at 1825 Poplar St. and it's now listed for sale for $439K. There's a vacant triangular lot next door that's owned by the City. So… good luck seeing new construction there anytime soon.

Newer home across the street next to a vacant lot

On the other side of Leland Street, there's a rough looking building we've wondered about for a long time.

Back of a property on Ridge Avenue

Turns out this is the back of 1734 Ridge Ave., a building which was purchased by Loonstyn Development a couple years back. For now, this building doesn't look so good. But we'd wager that the property will get redeveloped sooner than later, especially with all of the good stuff happening on Ridge. Will it happen before the duplexes are finished across the street? Eh, probably not. But soon enough, folks.