As the months have gone by, we’ve told you about the many comings and goings at 19th & Poplar, in Francisville. The most visible project on this corner is the line of duplexes on the southwest corner, which have risen where a church once stood. Built by the TBM Group, these properties certainly aren’t architectural treasures, but they are representative of the growing development momentum in this neighborhood.

From a couple a months ago

As TBM has had success in this project, they are now moving just a block to the west, to 2012 Poplar St., to construct another project on a lot that was formerly a vacant lot. We were in the area today, and spotted a newly poured foundation.

New foundation

Looking at the handy L&I Map, we see that the developer is building a new single-family home on this parcel, including a garage. The L&I Map also indicates that two more new construction homes will be coming to this area, which already have a fair share of new construction homes built in the last few years.

To the west

To the east

We need to go back to the site to try to figure out the location of the additional two homes, but we suspect that they will be accessed via a skinny alleyway next to the home fronting Poplar Street. When we’re able to snap a couple of photos, we’ll be sure to share.