What’s Happening at Frankford & Delaware Ave.?

The other day, we found ourselves at the corner of Frankford & Delaware Aves., and we noticed some idle heavy equipment atop an apparently demolished structure. We thought to ourselves, "what in the world used to be here?" and came up empty. Thankfully, Google Maps has an image of the site from a couple of years ago, showing a shuttered building that looks like it could have once been a cheesesteak joint. Does anyone remember when this place was still open?

The other day

In the past

We're pretty good at real estate sleuthing, and we can't even figure out an address for this parcel. The L&I Map thinks this is 940 Frankford Ave., but public record doesn't acknowledge that address. So we can't figure out who owns the property, let alone what they're planning for the parcel. Has anyone in the area heard anything about this thing? With Sugarhouse across the street and the Barbary just a few steps away, we'd actually think that a cheesesteak place could make it work here. Or something else. But we'd love to know what's planned, if anything.

Who can solve the mystery?