Update: Couple of Houses Under Construction at Dauphin and Amber

Less than two months ago, we wondered about a poured foundation and a Cease and Desist notice hanging at the corner of Dauphin & Amber. Checking back in on this East Kensington corner, we discovered two new homes, including one we weren’t expecting to find.

First, it looks like framing must have started on 2103 E. Dauphin the day after we snapped our photos in February. From what we understand, developers originally proposed a duplex for this address, but settled for a single family home after being shot down by the community and the ZBA. The home looks fairly standard and we can’t tell you whether it will be a rental or offered for sale, but it certainly is an improvement over what the site looked like just a couple of months ago.

In February
Just the other day

Meanwhile, directly across the street, another single family home was also built in the last month or so, though it’s far behind the project described above. The home is by no means a standard looking new construction home, and actually bears a striking resemblance to the two G8-Life homes that were built in the neighborhood in the last year or so. We looked at public record, and found that the property was owned by G8-Life until this month, when it was sold to another company for an impossibly low sum. Our guess is that this is simply an arm’s length transaction of some sort, and that G8-Life is indeed building the home. An expired listing showed a rendering for this property, which was listed in 2011 for just under $325K.

Current view
A probably outdated rendering. But you get the idea

It’s great to see two new homes progressing on this corner, hopefully this means that 2101 E. Dauphin St. will be the next development on the docket. Well, maybe once they correct their violations.