Unusual Storefront for Sale or Lease in Fishtown

As a part of our meanderings through the neighborhood, we discovered 2370 E Norris St., a newer building that caught our eye with a not-so-common first floor deck space. The building went up in the last couple of years, replacing a vacant lot and a storefront with apartments above.

In the past

The new building has a larger commercial space on the first floor, and two apartments above. And a giant front deck.

The new building
Closer look at that deck

The folks who built this thing are looking to either rent out the commercial space in a five year, triple net lease, or sell the entire building. According to the listing, the apartments are 2 bed/1 bath places that each have about 1000 sqft of living space. Both are currently rented. The commercial space is vanilla box, also with about 1000 sqft of space, and of course, the aforementioned giant deck. For the commercial space alone, they’re asking $2000/mo. For the whole building, they’re asking $635K.

So Fishtowners, what should go into this space? A restaurant perhaps? Does nearby Rocket Cat rule out the possibility of another cafe for this location?

Also, does anybody think that the fact that the building sits on a corner of a confusing, six-way intersection could be problematic for any business in this space? Or would the slow-moving vehicular traffic, caused by people trying not to crash, provide a marketing benefit?

Seems dangerous, right?