Two Unique Homes on the Way in East Kensington

The other day, we spotted a site in the early stages of construction at 2213 Amber St., right near one of the G-8 Life houses we’ve told you about in the past. A foundation had been poured, and framing had recently begun.

The lot

G-8 Life house down the street

Baar Investments LLC purchased this street-to-street lot about a year ago for $100K. According to the East Kensington Neighborhood Association general meeting minutes from last October, the developer will be constructing one home fronting Amber Street, and a second home fronting Martha Street. And looking at the rendering on a sign at the construction site, these homes should be really unique. And this is, of course, appropriate in this neighborhood, which features some of the more interesting homes in town.

Cool looking house. And really big, too.

It’s just the kind of innovative design that we’ve grown accustomed to from Atrium Design. Examples of Atrium projects we’ve covered in the past are the super-high-end Mode7 homes and the upcoming Fitz4 project on the 1600 block of Fitzwater Street. Hopefully, these homes will sell easily and this project will inspire new development at what looks like an overgrown jungle across the street.

Across the street. Oy.

Fingers crossed…