A tipster gave us the heads up last week about some new construction at 2543-49 E Dauphin St., in Fishtown. We were especially pleased to get this email, because we noticed the foundations a few months ago and snapped photos, but had completely forgotten where they were.

From December

According to our tipster, these foundation have been there for three years now, and some locals had given up hope that any homes would ever be built. Well, fear not, neighbors. These homes are coming, and fast.

Yes indeed

Closer look

The developer, Dauphine Building and Development, purchased the lots in 2008 for $145K. In the interest of making larger homes, they have turned four addresses into three homes, which will make for some wide palaces, compared to the other homes on the block.

According to the listing, these three homes will offer 2600 sqft of living space, with 3 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, and 2 half bathrooms. Unusual design elements include a Jack and Jill bathroom on the second floor, and a truly gigantic third floor master suite with two walk-in closets and and what must be a 300 sqft master bath. The homes are listed at $399,990, and are expected to be finished in the springtime.

Elevation drawing of the exterior. Something different, for sure.

And as a matter of curiosity, does anyone remember what used to be at this location? It wasn’t houses, from what we can tell.