Tall Frankford Project Will Be a Fun Community Meeting

A Fishtown resident shot us an email at the end of last week, giving us the heads up about a new project coming down the pike for Frankford Avenue, and it's a biggie. Developers are looking to consolidate 11 lots into one at 1405-21 Frankford Ave., a project which will consume a community garden space and also eliminate a couple of one-story garages long operated by Penn Treaty Metals.

Park at the corner

Image of existing warehouses on Frankford Ave.

The layout of the project is a little complicated, but this image should help explain.

It's a pretty significant site

The developers are looking to build a new building with 30 units, 16 parking spots (accessed from Marlborough Street), and retail on Frankford Avenue. Looking at the packet submitted to the Fishtown Neighbors Association, the developers could built 32 units by right and have no obligation to provide parking. Still, a thread on Fishtown.us gives us an indication that at least some neighbors aren't pleased about the proposal.

Massing of the project

The thread tracks back to an alarmist post on Facebook that laments the new project which will include "only" 16 parking spots. It goes on to say "more congestion, more noise, more dirt, more parking problems! We don't need this!" The most significant refusal would seem to be for the height of the project, which looks like it will be 50', with an additional 10' for pilot houses. With that in mind, other neighbors are organizing to attend the community meeting in support of the project. Sounds like entirely too much fun, no?

Construction across the street

Meanwhile, just across the street, two other projects continue to progress and a second Cheu Noodle Bar location is on the horizon. We'll see, based on the upcoming community meeting and ZBA hearing, whether another mixed-use project will soon join the fray.