Starr Appearing Again on Frankford Avenue

Oh, Stephen, there you go again. It seems Fishtown has been rather good to Mr. Starr, as word recently came out that Starr and Aimee Olexy plan to open another spot together, this time in Fishtown, in a building that last year looked all dingy and derelict.

In the past. View from the north.

Recently, the Insider reported the pair's third collaboration will open at 1526-30 Frankford Ave. in a building that’s been under construction for a good while now. The name and concept are still not entirely finalized, but the place will include a vegetable garden when it opens this spring. The two already run Talula's Garden and Talula Daily on Washington Square.

This marks quite a flare of recent retail openings on this block. Over a year ago, we told you that this site, a former warehouse for the Samuel Machinery Company, was being renovated by Peroni Construction. At the time we reported Blue Cadet would occupy part of the space and wondered what restaurant could be filling the rest, as permits at the site indicated.

Now we know.

The one with the black brick. View from the south this time.

The property is being redeveloped by Roland Kassis, who has developed numerous other projects along Frankford Ave. including Starr's own Frankford Hall. Kassis appeared before and received support from the Fishtown Neighbors Association zoning committee with plans to construct a three-story building with ground-floor commercial and four apartments above next door at 1532-36 Frankford Ave.

So Mr. Kassis you have been hard at work and those enjoying the new atmosphere along Frankford are experiencing the fruits of your vision. Now, uh, what about that hotel down the street? Coming soon, we hope?