Some Interesting Updates on Three Corners on East Girard

A reader checked in the other day, suggesting we take a jaunt up to East Girard, to check on the progress of a couple of projects we’ve mentioned before and one we previously knew nothing about. Off we went, and we did indeed discover some news to pass along.

First, we bring you an update on 114-20 E. Girard Ave., the corner of Girard & Shackamaxon. We first brought this corner to your attention last summer, and updated you back in December, once the building was framed out. Now, the building looks to be nearly complete, at least on the outside. Plans originally called for a Palm Tree Market with five apartments above, but we’re not sure of the commercial tenant at the moment. Has anyone in the neighborhood heard any confirmation?

Perhaps a market is coming soon

Meanwhile, just down the street, the former Advance Auto Parts store at Girard & Marlborough is getting some interior demo work done. We still don’t know what will be coming to this building, but it’s encouraging to see work taking place here so soon after it was purchased just a couple of months ago. We’re guessing some kind of mixed-use here, with some exciting commercial tenant hopefully adding to the mix as well.

Dumpster is just around the corner

And if that wasn’t enough, some new windows just went into the building on the corner of Girard & Crease, one block from the old Advance Auto store. The same reader who originally told us about this work gave us the heads up today that this spot will soon be home to a nail salon, according to a sign that went up after we snapped the photo below. Perhaps it’s not the most exciting retail addition, but it sure beats a vacant commercial space.

New windows have been installed, and nail place is on the way

It’s true that Frankford Avenue gets a lot of attention these days, and rightfully so. But let’s not lose sight of the good stuff coming to East Girard. We’re hearing some rumblings about a couple of other projects coming soon to Girard, and we’ll be passing along that news in the coming weeks. So be on the look out, mkay?