Last April, we brought the corner of Sepviva & E. Firth to your attention, noting the early stages of a six-home development. Previously at this corner, there was a City-owned basketball court that was in poor condition, and according to commenters it was rarely used for play and occasionally used for drug dealing. So no loss there.

In the past

We passed by this corner the other day and it seems that the project is done.

Current view

Five homes on Sepviva St.

We can only find the sales of some of the homes on public record, but from the looks of it, most if not all of the homes have found buyers. Architecturally, the row of new homes certainly stands out from the older homes in the neighborhood, and for us they evoke a bit of a Lego feel. Still, those front balconies will surely be a treat once the warmer weather rolls around.

Home on Firth St., with another one coming soon

The project's sixth home is located on Firth St., and right next door to that place another new home is under construction. This is great news, as 2171 E. Firth St. had been a vacant shell for many years prior to its recent demolition. It's likely that the property would have eventually turned over, given all the development in the neighborhood, but perhaps the construction next door sped up the process somewhat. Whether that's the case or not, it's another step in the right direction for this Olde Richmond corner.