Plans for a Vacant Lot on Tulip Street

While ambling through Fishtown on an unseasonably warm day last week, we spied some zoning notices at 1848-50 Tulip St., a vacant corner lot a couple blocks from Memphis Flats. Looking at an old listing and Google Street View from a few years ago, we discovered that there was a home on this double-wide lot until 2011. For a tour of the now demolished house, you can click here for a video from the amazingly named Daddy's Fast Cash.

This is the view from a few years ago

More recently, zoning notices

We'd imagine that the home was torn down in anticipation of redevelopment, and now, years later, it might finally be in the cards. The zoning notices are actually somewhat confusing- we think the plans called for four homes, each with parking. But when we reached out to FNA for clarification, we were informed that the application has been withdrawn.

We'd imagine that the developers are merely reconsidering their options and they'll be coming back with a new proposal soon. We think they could just build two homes here by right, but if they'd like rear-access parking for the interior property they'd need to go before the ZBA. Doesn't seem like the worst idea, especially since it doesn't appear as though parking is legal on the adjacent block of Hewson Street.

Parking is half on the sidewalk on Hewson Street

Has anyone in the area heard any more details about the plans for this property? Does anyone have any idea why there's been such a gap between demolition and active plans for redevelopment?