One-Off Project on a Nice Fishtown Block

On the 1300 block of E. Susquehanna Ave. in Fishtown, a one-off project represents an interesting look at how redevelopment is occurring on an already complete residential block. This particular street also has a little of the future on it, as the church nearby features solar panels you can see from the street. We think God comes more direct this way (and for a lower monthly price!).

Solar panels on the church!

At 1320 E. Susquehanna Ave., a three-story single-family home was being gutted for renovations when we passed by last month. According to public record, a new owner purchased the property for $135K in October. It will be interesting to see whether the home is relisted for sale or whether the owner is fixing it up for his own use.

In the past

Now under construction

As you can see, this block is made up mostly of three-story brick row homes, some newer, some older. There are a handful of rough looking stucco buildings closer to Almond Street. A few doors down from the property under construction is the most unusual home on the block. It rises higher than any other home nearby, with larger windows and a mix-match color scheme in a contemporary style similar to many projects we’ve seen in Northern Liberties. That home sold a few years back for $350K.

Contemporary home just a few doors away

It’s revealing to see this large difference in value between homes that are just a few doors down from one another. This is common on Fishtown blocks in transition where newer homes are being redeveloped amidst long-standing homes in the neighborhood. And such is the case all across town, and even more so in Fishtown, where one-off projects are becoming more frequent because of the already developed nature of the neighborhood. That has got us wondering again about this blighted property with the hopeful fence at the end of the block, near Susquehanna & Thompson. Might that be a one-off project soon as well? Sure would be nice to see.