Norris Point: A Large New Development at Trenton & Norris

Yesterday, we told you about two homes under construction on the 500 block of E Hewson St., across the street from a ball field. At the time, we mentioned a much larger development just around the corner but didn’t get too specific. Today, we have some photos, renderings, and assorted details about Norris Point: a ten-unit development on the corner of Norris St. & Trenton Ave.

Construction site

A little over a month ago, nothing was doing here, and the large lot sat overgrown and dormant.

Vacant lot

Over the past several weeks, foundations have been poured and the first four homes have been framed out.

Closer look

This lot was purchased by East Norris Street Partners Lp last July for $495K. Not a bad price for a lot that measures 100′ x 143′ in this part of town. The developer will, when all is said and done, construct ten homes on this parcel, and will provide ten parking spaces in a side lot. Take a look at the site plan:

That's eight homes fronting Norris St., and two fronting Trenton Ave.

The homes will resemble some of the other ultra-contemporary new construction in the area, but they will certainly have their own unique appearance. According to the Somers team, the listing agents for this project, these homes will have three bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms, and finished basements. Roof decks and skyline views, as well. The homes will be customizable, pre-construction, and will start at $369,900, and the first four homes should be completed in August.

Looking fancy

It’s another exciting project for this neighborhood, which seems to have a tremendous amount of momentum at the moment.┬áNow if only builders in other parts of the city (we’re looking at you, Graduate Hospital) would build more projects that look like this.

To dream… the impossible dream…