New Life For a Front Street Warehouse

We've passed by the former warehouse at 1601 N. Front St. many times over the last several months, repeatedly telling ourselves to find out what's going on with the property. To give some detail, this old warehouse next to the El has been getting work done for quite some time, seeing old windows blown out and a small building demolished at the corner of Front & Oxford.

View at Front & Oxford

New windows at Front & Columbia

We figured we'd have a pretty easy time determining what's coming for this property, but we confess we're coming up a bit short. A Business Journal article from over two years ago details that D3 Developers purchased the property, eyeing a companion property to their Oxford Mills project on the other side of the tracks. The article lists a number of ideas for the property, including a microbrewery, office space, a restaurant, and live entertainment. Somewhere along the line, they retained MSC Retail to lease out some or all of the building and it's no longer listed as available. On the Reed Street Builders website, the property is listed as the Honeygrow headquarters but also mentions plans for a day care. So… we give up. Does anyone in the area have a more concrete idea of what's coming here?

A former tenant. It's probably not what you think

Come what may, it's exciting to see this building getting reused and additional redevelopment next to the El. And as long as we're asking for feedback from the neighbors, does anyone know what the PMS Company did back in the day?