Over two years ago, we visited the 400 block of Moyer Street in Fishtown and spied a partially demolished building that had once been used as a holding area for repossessed cars. We noted that the property owners had previously gotten approvals to build six duplexes and two single family homes on this site, but those permits were overturned at the state level. So it seemed the developers had given up on the huge property, as they had it listed for sale for a little over $900K. We guessed that a new developer would step forward and purchase 412-24 Moyer St. and eventually pursue a project here.

Two years ago

We passed by recently and discovered the building has now been totally demolished. And a sign on the site announced its replacement.

Now a vacant lot. View from the opposite direction.

Moyer Street Court, apparently from the same developers that have owned the parcel for years, will involve the construction of eleven new homes in two rows. The new homes will range in size from about 2,000 sqft to about 2,600 sqft, and each home will have garage parking. The six homes in the project that front Moyer Street will be accessible from the sidewalk, while the five homes in the rear will be accessible through a courtyard. The homes in the rear, unlike those in the front, will have backyards. These renderings should help explain what we mean.

Project rendering

View from above shows 11 units and lots of solar panels

The first phase of the project is scheduled for delivery in the fall. And combined with the apparently sold-out second phase of the Ice House condos across the street, this block is on pace for a serious rebirth in 2014. We'll check back in a couple of months and update you on the progress.