Garage Going, Mixed-Use Coming on Shackamaxon

Infill. Infill. Knock down the garage and put up a new building.

That's a refrain it seems we're hearing at least once a month in Fishtown these days. The latest tune refers to plans to knock down a one-story garage at 958 Shackamaxon St. and in its place construct a four units with parking and an industrial use on the first floor. Developers bought the property back in October. A couple of weeks ago, they got support from Fishtown Neighbors Association.

Plans to demo the garage

When considering the location, aside from the general wave of building and redevelopment sweeping through Fishtown right now, one can see what makes this site appealing. It's located a block and a half form Penn Treaty Park, which connects to the changing waterfront, which itself has been the subject of a parade of plans for redevelopment. Also, it's basically across the street from the Sugarhouse Casino, which has appeal for some.

Former Kraut factory at the corner

Speaking of infill, right around the corner at 131-33 Allen St., despite not receiving community support two new four-story homes have been framed out, replacing an old stucco home and a vacant lot. At the end of the block, a former Kraut House was for sale as of last spring. That location is still for sale, or else, if it's been sold nothing has been made public yet. Regardless, the opportunity for a mixed-use building here, or maybe a string of condos, seems more than viable. And when you also consider the plans for the Richmond Street warehouse entertainment complex two blocks away, the garage-soon-to-be-more just makes sense.