Eschewing Vinyl Siding, New Homes on Allen Street Are an Improvement

We went to the Fishtown RiverCity Festival over the weekend and traveled to Penn Treaty Park via Columbia Avenue, walking under I-95. For those who haven't made this trek in awhile, it's pretty gross on Columbia Avenue under the highway, though we look forward to the eventual construction of the Columbia Avenue Connector. For now, we would have settled for sidewalks. Anyway, as we were waiting to cross Delaware Avenue, we noticed that four new homes have appeared on the 300 block of E. Allen Street. Compared to what this property looked like in the past, it's a dramatic improvement.

In the past

Current view

Though you can see four homes in the photo above, this is actually a six home project. There's another home coming soon at the lot with the pile of dirt and construction equipment. And a sixth home is progressing on Richmond Street. While the homes on Allen Street have views of the park and the waterfront (and Johnny's Hots Famous Hot Sausage), the home on Richmond Street has views of the highway. And all the homes will have views of the billboard whose base sits nearby. 

Convenient access to lunch

Also close to Penn Treaty Park

The home on Richmond Street

The Richmond Street home is the only one that's listed at the moment, at a price of $430K. The home has 2,600 sqft of living space, 3 bedrooms, and 3.5 bathrooms, and we'd wager that the homes on Allen Street have a similar layout. Perhaps they'll have a slightly higher price thanks to their superior views, but we couldn't tell you for sure. It should be interesting to see whether the price will drift upwards as they sell more of the homes. It should also be interesting to see what happens to the sales numbers for the sausage place once the construction crews move on to their next location.