Edward Corner Building Renovation News, Now With Renderings!

Yesterday, we told you about a community meeting at which developers presented plans for the renovation of the Edward Corner building at 1100 N. Delaware Ave. and the construction of a new mixed-use building next door, and we told you that we'd provide renderings as soon as the CDR site updated its listings for the November meeting. Maybe half an hour later, the City updated the CDR site. Nice job, guys.

So now, without much more ado, check out Core Realty's plan for this block, in all its glory. Credit goes to Stanev Potts Architects for the design work.

Project rendering

Another angle

This shows the different sections of the project

While the pretty pictures give you an idea of what the project will look like, the sectional drawing provides some new and interesting information. Most notable is that Grid City Climbing, a rock climbing establishment, will be the main commercial tenant for the new building in a 23K sqft space. It's a bit of an odd choice for a tenant since Go Vertical is located just around the corner, but with the new addition it seems that Delaware Avenue will officially become the rock gym capital of Philadelphia. So there's that. You can also see that the building will have a much smaller retail space containing a cafe (it won't be an OCF location, we promise), and an 8,000 sqft space in the basement and first floor of the Edward Corner building. You can also see that the project will include an underground parking component, with 75 spaces underground and another 25 at grade.

View from above, looking toward the river

This is a large project on a large parcel that you can see will stand quite tall over the adjacent properties on Allen Street. Be that as it may, the property is zoned CMX-3 and the project is happening entirely as a matter of right and should proceed relatively quickly after it moves through CDR. According to a commenter on our previous story, the project got support from the community at large, though near neighbors were perhaps a little more ambivalent. Nevertheless, we expect this project to move forward sometime soon and add to the momentum of development along the Delaware waterfront. And that it will integrate a historic building into a major new mixed-use development project isn't so bad either.

Space between the Edward Corner building and the new structure