Checking in on the Massive Hagert Square

A couple of readers have recently asked us about progress at Hagert Square, Fishtown’s newest “gated community,” located at the corner of Hagert & Gaul. The last time we checked in on this project was back in November, when framing was underway for the fifteen homes fronting Hagert Street, and foundations were poured for the fifteen fronting Letterly Street. We were in the area the other day, and the Letterly Street side looks pretty much the same, but serious changes have taken place on Hagert Street.

In November
We weren't kidding

As you can see, the exteriors of the homes on Hagert are pretty much finished, though a closer look indicated that interior work remains for a number of the units. According to the project’s Facebook page, a handful of the properties are under agreement, and one has gone to settlement thus far. The homes offer about 2,500 sqft of living space with 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, a huge roof deck, and two-car parking. Most of the homes are listed for around $360K, but we also spied a couple at $390K.

Aside from the architecture, which clearly isn’t traditional for any Philly neighborhood let alone Fishtown, this project also has something else that we don’t see very often. While you might not notice it unless you look carefully, these homes only have two floors of living space above grade. With finished basements and extra-wide footprints at 21′, we’d guess the houses still feel fairly spacious, but we just don’t see many two-story homes getting built these days. And thirty at once! Crazy.

Drive aisle was being poured
Letterly foundations

This project took a little more time than expected to get into the ground, which is why it’s even more satisfying to see it chugging along. We’re pleased to hear that some of the homes are being put under contract, which suggests to us that it’s only a matter of time before the second phase begins to move forward. Hopefully, the gated community will not function as such, and the new residents to the area will take advantage of the bars, restaurants, and amenities that are an easy walk away. Hey, you can lead a horse to water…