Cafe Coming Soon to Cool Building Next to Palmer Park

We were zipping up Frankford Avenue last week to grab a slice and a scoop at Pizza Brain and Little Baby’s Ice Cream, respectively, when we noticed some new-looking signage next to Palmer Park. Truth be told, we’d wondered about 1619 Frankford Ave. in the past, admiring its unique appearance and wondering why it didn’t have a business operating out of the first floor. But it seems our wondering has come to an end, as Steap and Grind will apparently be doing business out of this triangle-shaped structure in the very near future.

In the past
Current view

According to a thread on, this new cafe will offer coffee, loose tea, and “delicious breakfast treats.” Apparently, the space was very nearly a gourmet cheese shop operated by the property owner, but that concept fell through. Probably for the best, given the location, though we do wonder whether competition from other cafes in the area will make it a tough go for this new business on the scene. With Rocket Cat, Lola Bean, and Soup Kitchen Cafe all within a few blocks, it seems that Fishtown could soon have a coffee war on its hands. Then again, people do love their coffee.

The (overly optimistic) opening date for the new shop was the first Friday of this month, but it seems they haven’t opened up just yet. We’d guess that the shop will be opening any day now, and if you live in the area you can follow them on Twitter to get the latest updates.