Big Ugly Warehouse Going, Ten Homes Coming

With Fishtown booming and Frankford Avenue all the rage, we're seeing more and more development expand beyond the neighborhood's borders. A couple months back, for example, we told you about plans for eleven new homes at 2640 E. Huntingdon Ave., a property "on the other side of the tracks" if you consider the tracks to be Aramingo Avenue. Today, thanks to a helpful reader that lives nearby, we have news of a similar-sized project in that same pocket.

View at Livingston & E. Albert

Currently, there's a large warehouse at 2515 E. Albert St. which has frontage on three streets and takes up about 9,300 sqft. If the developers at BMK Homes get their way, they'll demolish the building and replace it with ten townhomes. According to the zoning application, five of the homes will front Belgrade Street and the others will front Livingston Street with a drive-aisle accessed on Albert Street. They recently presented the project to the Olde Richmond Civic Association and per the reader who was kind enough to tip us off about the project, they received support. Next it's onto the ZBA.

Looking down Livingston, toward Aramingo Ave.

You can see, this project will sit just half a block from Aramingo Avenue, and a Rite Aid and an Auto Zone are visible in the distance. But with plenty of construction close to Aramingo on the other side of the street, it's no shock to hear about planned construction over here. We haven't seen drawings for the project yet, but we'd be really excited if the architecture relates in some way to a single family home nearby.

Home across the street with a funky addition

Worth noting, this was originally a two-story home and it got a third story sometime in the last few years. Many additions out there can look tacky but we're into this one. Again, if the new homes across the street can relate somehow to this structure it would be pretty cool. If not, that's fine too. We're happy enough for the upgrade from warehouse to homes in this section of town, and we expect to see more projects like it coming soon.