Before First Location Opens, Calexico Lines Up 2nd Spot

An old bone colored bank building at the corner of Frankford & Girard is as much an institution at the intersection as Johnny Brendas. Soon, the former New Acropolis Restaurant space will be filled with cheesesteaks and milkshakes. But what of the last corner at Frankford & Girard? Surely, with all the excitement in the area in recent years, this stubby, one story building is in line for some changes, right?

Current view

Leading question. It is! Last month, the Fishtown Neighbors Association supported plans for a sit-down restaurant at 100-06 E. Girard Ave. from New York based Calexico. Last year, the chain of Mexican restaurants and food trucks announced plans to open their first Philadelphia location on South Street West. From what we can tell, their space over there is under construction after some stops and starts. We would have to imagine that their South Street location will open before their Girard spot. After all, there's much work to be done on the building.

Project rendering. Image from Myphillykind.

Another restaurant will fit right into the motif that's been taking over in this general area. Possible competitor Sancho Pistola's is a few months old, and located just half a block away on Girard. As we hinted at above, Joe's Steaks + Soda Shop will soon open right across the street. And there's a rum-distillery and super cafe from La Colombe planned just a block up Frankford Avenue. And let's not forget neighborhood stalwarts like Johnny Brenda's, East Girard Gastropub, and Frankford Hall. We could name all the others in the area, but then we'd be here all day. Suffice to say, Calexico will be joining a growing food and drink club in Fishtown, and they'll be dramatically improving a dud building while they're at it. No complaints here.