Apartments Under Construction on Thompson Street

In early 2013, we told you about plans for twelve apartments and six parking spots at 14-22 W. Thompson St., which was at that moment a vacant lot. At a Fishtown Neighbors Association meeting, the community opposed the project- but we don't think the opposition was entirely about the development itself. We weren't previously aware, but the parcel had been home to a community garden for fifteen years. The fact that the developer razed that garden before getting building approvals may explain some of the opposition to the project from near neighbors. It's also possible that the developer's reputation led to objections to the project. On the record though, neighbors stated that they didn't like the density and were worried about parking.

In the past

In February of 2013, the ZBA approved a revised version of the project which seemed to take the stated neighbor concerns into account. Instead of 2 four-unit buildings and 2 two-unit buildings with a total of six parking spots, the developers proposed 2 three-unit buildings and 2 two-unit buildings with a total of eight parking spots. That's what we see getting built right now.

View of the project from a couple weeks back

According to public record, new developers stepped in, buying the approved project for $550K last fall. Now the project is under construction and the developers are selling condo units just a stone's throw from the El. While we can appreciate that people living nearby are sad to see their garden go, this seems like exactly the kind of development we should be seeing on the edge of Fishtown, close to Frankford Avenue and public transportation. Or are we missing something?