Another Mixed-Use Proposal for Frankford Avenue

We were in the neighborhood the other day and spotted some new zoning signs at 2042-44 Frankford Ave., a large vacant lot at the corner of Frankford & Susquehanna. A new project at this corner would represent additional action on a block that’s currently experiencing some construction in anticipation of Frank 2 from Postgreen and will surely see some additional development with the impending sale of four large City lots further down the block.

The lot

Looking at public record, it seems that the developers bought the nice-sized parcel from the Bethel Baptist Church of Kensington earlier this year for $150K. We don’t know what the church was planning to do with the land when it made the purchase back in the early 1990s, but we can see that they definitely haven’t done with the parcel of late.

Closer, slightly blurry look

According to the L&I Map, the developers are looking to build a four-story building here with first-floor commercial and six apartments. They were supposed to present their plans to FNA and EKNA in November, but the presentation was pushed back to this month. Once they present their plans, we should be able to provide a little more specific information on the project. But even without the additional info, we’re pleased to hear that plans are in the works for the redevelopment of yet another vacant lot on Frankford Avenue.