Abandoned Fishtown Factory To Be Redeveloped?

Last year, we told you about “The Nine,” a nine home development of new construction residences on the 1700 block of Tulip Street. At the time, we mentioned a dilapidated, abandoned, overgrown factory building directly across the street from The Nine, at 1701 Tulip St. In fact, some of the exterior color choices for those homes were cribbed from this unfortunate building across the street.

Looks gross

It was a little surprising to us that this building remained in this condition, considering the fact that both The Nine and the Memphis Flats condo building are within eyeshot. Now, according to Philadelinquency (a brand new site that we already love), this building, the former REACH baseball factory, could be getting cleaned up in the near future. Philadelinquency’s serious legwork in determining the individual that actually owns this building in an effort to get them to properly maintain it caught the eye of one of the individuals who is a partner in the group that’s in discussions to rehab the building. That was Roland Kassis from Domani Developers, in case you’re wondering.

Kasiss is apparently planning on converting the building into residential units, either artist apartments or lofts. Will the presence of only five parking spaces compromise this project’s chances from the start? Or will the possibility of this building’s rehabilitation entice neighbors to forget about parking qualms just this once?

These guys would probably appreciate a nicer view

We shall see…