A G8-Life Home Apparently Nearing Completion, Or at least progressing steadily

Back in June, we gave you the lowdown on two homes being built by G-8 Life in New Kensington, at 2200 Amber St. and 2400 Amber St. The homes, built with sustainable materials and in an ultra-green fashion, will have an appearance unlike any other houses in the city, let alone the neighborhood.

Rendering from last summer
2200 back in June
2200 in August
2200 at the end of December

While a few incomplete exterior details still remain, the home at 2200 Amber St. looks like its very close to completion, at least from the outside. The home at 2400 Amber St. is perhaps a couple of months behind.

According to Trend, neither home is actively listed on the market right now, though we expect them to be priced around $300K. Unless, of course, both have been sold privately. In which case, you’ll have to wait until the next G8 project to buy your green dream home.