1300 Block of Berks Street is Buzzing

In Fishtown, down on the 1300 block of E Berks St., we've got progress to report on two homes we first introduced back in July. At the time, developers’ proposal to build a triplex at 1337 E. Berks St., at the site of a faded green home with a slanted half-cathedral roof was turned down by the Fishtown Neighbors Association. Instead, they ultimately opted to build a single-family home.

Since then, the other home mentioned in the above linked post, 1339 E. Berks St., has been completed, and construction is well underway on the home next door. Unfortunately, the new home isn’t taking any architectural cues from the interesting building it’s replacing. Ah well.

New home rising next to new home

Kinda wish it echoed this design

Across the street, we spotted an orange zoning app hanging on a fence at a vacant lot at 1324 E Berks St. last month, and that plan for a new home with two parking spaces was approved by the ZBA. Two doors down from there, another single-family home is rising.

View of 1324 E. Berks St. zoning app and the construction a few doors down

So while this might be much ado about little, these small projects add up. Consider this home just one block east towards the river on Susquehanna we recently wrote about and you can see how these one-off projects in Fishtown are happening more often, more than one time on a given block. We will obviously be on the lookout for the next project, and the one after that, and so on.