Around the corner from Geno’s Steaks, the 800 block of Latona St. is a weird mix of garages and residences. On the north side of the street is a food cart garage, a sign store, and residences. The southern side of the block is dominated by a cinderblock building with 3 garages and a 75 foot fenced-in lot full of junk. This totally strange block is of interest because the ten addresses that contain the buildings and the lot on the south side are currently for sale for $1.35M.

The eastern side of the property. Open lot full of junk is on the other side of that wall.

The western side of the property. Two story building that was used for a few years as an illegal banquet hall. Two of the three garages are visible on the right side.

The properties were purchased in 1987 for $80K by Frank Del Borrello. They’ve been on and off the market over the past few years, and while the owner tells us that there have been offers, no buyer has emerged. The price does seem a little high, but 10,700 sqft. in contiguous lots are not exactly falling out of the sky in this part of town. Let’s say you could pry this property out of Mr. Del Borello’s hands. What would you build there? What would benefit the neighborhood? Townhouses? Condos? A mini golf course? A third cheesesteak place? Ah, there’s the rub.