The 1100 block of Emily Street is one you've probably never visited, though it's an objectively desirable block. It's a little street that runs between McKean and Snyder Streets, and it's located just a couple of blocks from the bottom of East Passyunk Avenue.

1100 block of Emily Street

Most of the houses are two-story row homes that have probably been around for more than a hundred years, though some exceptions can be found. A row of three-story homes with garages arrived on the scene in 2011, all of which sold in the low to mid-300K range. And it's tough to miss the quadruple-wide warehouse-looking building with a sign advertising its future.

Row of newer homes

Change coming to this warehouse

The sign on 1132-38 Emily St., which is tough to make out in the image above, boasts of four luxury homes coming soon. Our first thought upon seeing the sign was that the building would be demolished and four new homes would rise, perhaps similar to those down the street. But looking at the listings for the new homes, it seems that the existing building will simple be renovated. The two-story rehabs will each have abut 1,300 sqft of living space. First floors will include kitchens, living rooms, a half-bath, and one bedroom. Upstairs will be two bedrooms and two bathrooms. The homes are each listed for $325K.

It's great to see that this blighted building will be rescued and transformed into new homes. We do wonder though, was this property once a row of homes itself or has it always been a warehouse? And if it's been a warehouse for as long as people can remember, can anyone shed some light on what it's been doing on this residential block all these years?