Last month, the East Passyunk Crossing zoning committee heard a presentation for the conversion of 1646-8 S 12th St., the longtime home of Artisan Boulanger Patissier, from a pastry shop into a full-fledged restaurant with a liquor license and possible outdoor seating. Though this address is on 12th Street, the building is basically on Passyunk Avenue, on the same block as El Zarape and Cantina Los Caballitos.

New place coming

A couple of days ago, a report from Foobooz confirmed exactly what’s in store for this space. Chris Scarduzio, of the tasty Table 31, will be taking over this space in short order. The concept is casual Italian (unheard of on the Avenue!) with a seafood angle. As expected, outdoor seating and booze will be part of the equation. Yes folks, the number of restaurants on the Avenue continues to climb into the stratosphere, with no apparent end in sight. We’re not sure we understand how all of these businesses are so successful, but things sure seem to be working out on this corridor.

Future Artisan

But don’t think that this means the end of the mouthwatering chocolate almond croissants from Artisan. They’re simply moving to 1218 Mifflin St., most recently home to Nino’s Pasta. We imagine that this new space, further off the beaten path, will mean much lower rent for this little business, which probably makes way more money doing wholesale than it does with walkup pedestrian traffic. Win-win situation, right?