Did you cringe just a little when you read the title? That’s OK, we just couldn’t pass up a good alliterative welcome to what we find to be a pretty inspired project. That would be at 910-14 Wilder St., tucked behind the CVS off of E. Passyunk Ave. in its eponymous neighborhood. This one-story garage has been on this site since at least the late 1950s, acting as a garage in some form or fashion for nearly the entire time since then. You may assume that this industrial-looking building is a vestige from a commerce-filled past, but this structure actually is zoned RSA-5, a residential zoning category. Hmmm. Let’s mosey on behind CVS parking lot to check out the scene on this flurry-filled day.

An aerial of dense and expansive South Philly, with the one-story garage in the center
910-14 Wilder St. in the snow
Another view of the structure, next to its residential neighbors
A recent overbuild a few houses down the block
A look at the parking lot and the back of the CVS
The residential S. Percy St. sits just to the north

Did you notice that residential addition above? Well, there’s an even larger one proposed for this garage, and it just received zoning permits to move forward. This garage sits directly next to a USPS facility, and recently sold for $400,000 back in May. The plans here from S2 Design call for a two-story addition above the one-story garage, with the first level to remain as two-car parking. The upper levels will be a new single-family residence and will include multiple outdoor spaces and a roof deck, thanks to setbacks to provide some property line relief. With a lack of many design details, we even utilized some of our high-level MS Paint skills to provide an idea of what’s to come. You can thank us later.

A look at the site plan shows the position of the parking
A simple elevation drawing of the front facade
A side elevation shows the setbacks and how it will interact with neighboring properties
Wilder-04 Highlight
Our massing diagram tickles the imagination with what's coming

This plan seems to be in the Goldilocks Zone – adding height, design, and better usage to the joy of urbanist folks, while offering two car parking spaces and only one additional residential unit to appease the near neighbors who are clearly fighting for parking. The sidewalks were unfortunately jammed with cars on the surrounding blocks, but perhaps that’s a discussion for a different time.

Want a South Philly tradition even more enjoyable than sidewalk parking? How about the corner deli, this one specifically Passyunk Market at the sharp intersection of S. 10th & E. Passyunk?

Passyunk Market, twice stating their veal and lamb purveyors

Is there a more quintessential Philadelphia snapshot than this? The only thing that has noticeably changed over the years is the price of a pack of Pall Malls. Even though this blog is filled with thousands of articles celebrating the change and growth of our favorite city, appreciating these only-in-Philly archetypes is what makes exploring the streets truly worthwhile in this town.