Update: Foundations on Susquehanna and Abigail

Right around Thanksgiving, we told you about plans to demolish a green house in East Kensington and construct a new home in its place. We also learned of plans to build two more homes next door, replacing long vacant lots. The other day, we passed by 2072-76 E. Susquehanna Ave. and found the old home gone and two new foundations in its place. The third foundation will surely come soon enough. Additionally, we saw a skinny new construction home that wasn't here before.

New skinny building

New foundations

The new home you see here is 2078 E. Susquehanna Ave., and was built by Rock Construction & Development LLC. It's got 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, and 2,200 sqft of living space. It's under contract at a sale price of $315K, despite the fact that it's only 12' wide. The three homes next door will be 16' wide, so we can only imagine the sales price that the developers will be able to get there. That is, if they're even offered for sale.

The owners for the two foundations and the adjacent lot are all different individuals living in New York and New Jersey. This is a fairly standard practice for US Construction, a developer that finances projects with private investors, rents the properties they build for a period of years, and eventually sells off units one by one. The same is true for two additional homes being built behind the Susquehanna homes on Abigail Street.

New holes on Abigail

When we passed by this location last week, we saw footers being poured on Abigail Street, which means foundations could be arriving any day now. We're pretty confident that this is all part of the same development, and we're guessing that US Construction is behind the project. It will represent a nice addition to Susquehanna and a couple of somewhat lonely additions to Abigail Street. Still, it's great to see some more vacant lots filled in the neighborhood.