Two Homes Under Construction Near Boston Court

The spread of development in East Kensington isn't limited to large projects, we're also seeing it in the construction of one-off homes around the neighborhood. Given the number of little vacant lots sprinkled around, this isn't terribly surprising. Today, we look at two properties on Emerald Street that are in the midst of a major transformation. Previously, 2401 Emerald St. was a just a vacant lot, while 2337 Emerald St. was an aggressively overgrown vacant lot.

Vacant corner

Talk about overgrown

Checking in on these properties today, we see active construction at both addresses. A new home has sprouted at the corner of Emerald and E. York Streets, and from the looks of the construction so far, it might be one of those properties that will make a statement, architecturally. We expect a round window where you see a circular cutout on the third floor, which for some reason always gives us a nautical vibe. Given the sea of vacant land nearby, we may be onto something. At 2337 Emerald St., framing only just got started, so we have no idea what to expect but the odds are it'll be some standard infill construction.

This place could look cool

Home replacing small forest

But of course, the bigger projects are the other part of the story in this neighborhod. Just to the north of these two construction sites, the Boston Court project from BMK Homes is progressing nicely. We first told you about this project about a year ago, before groundbreaking. You can see, the eight homes are all there now, with some facade work yet to be done, at least on the York Street side. According to the developer's website, three of the homes have sold with the remaining units starting at $365K. Considering the prices we're seeing just a few blocks away in Fishtown, it seems there are still deals to be found in East Kensington. Not for much longer, we'd think.