Some New Foundations on the 2000 Block of Front Street

It's pretty remarkable that we're seeing so much redevelopment on Front Street, and it's even more impressive that the projects have tracked so far to the north. Earlier this year, we told you about some new foundations at 2008 N. Front St. and told you to expect a building with 22 rental apartments and a large commercial space. Checking in on the project the other day, we saw a building that looks finished from the outside, but we couldn't spy the retail space the architects suggested would be forthcoming. Even if there was a retail space, the fence in front of the building isn't so welcoming to potential customers. Oh well. We'd say the lack of retail is no big whoop, and we're just happy to see any development whatsoever under the El.

Relatively new apartments on the west side of the street

Wouldn't you know it, there's another project under construction at 2021 N. Front St., pretty much across the street. This site was sitting vacant, aside from a two-story building which was demolished at some point in the last few months. Now we see there's a sizable foundation that's been poured in advance of a 29 unit building. We have to imagine these units will be offered as rentals. And as we said across the street, we don't lament the lack of retail here, as Frankford Avenue is two blocks away.

Relatively new foundation on the east side of the street

Closer look through the rain drops

While we're here, this seems like a nice opportunity to double back on another project we've covered a couple times before. The Northern Treaty Lofts project converted a large former warehouse with frontage on Front Street and Amber Street into a mixed-use building with 18 loft units and a commercial space on the first floor. That project, which sits immediately next door to the new foundation, now looks like it's finished. And it looks pretty sweet, if we do say so.

Rehabbed building next door…

which stretches all the way to Amber Street

We wonder, just how much farther can development continue to push north on Front Street? We'd think that Kensington Avenue would be the absolute stopping point, but then again, we thought the same thing about Berks Street just a few years ago.