More Vacant East Kensington Lots Going Away

At the corner of Amber & Abigail in East Kensington, it's hard to miss the Two Point Five Beta House, not to be confused with the Delta House, built a couple of years ago by Postgreen. It's big, it's purplish, and it unapologetically strikes a blow for contemporary architecture in a neighborhood that's seen its fair share. You may like it (we do), you may not, but everyone can agree there's nothing else like it in town. And it's getting some new neighbors.

Beta 2.5 House

Construction next door

When we passed by 2059 Amber St. last week, we saw footers being poured for a new foundation. This property, which has been a vacant lot for years, was purchased by Ambergail LLC last year for a very reasonable $55K. They're building a new home which will also have a contemporary look. According to the listing, which describes a 2,200 sqft home with 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms, the facade will include metal panels and horizontal thermally modified wood. It's listed at $400K and we imagine it will get snapped up quickly.

Zoning notices down the street

Lots on Abigail

Down the street, we spied additional zoning notices. At 2113 Abigail St., the same developers are working on another project, kind of explaining the name of their LLC. On Abigail, they're proposing subdividing the lot pictured above and building two new homes. Interestingly, this lot previously had a use restriction, dictating that the land be used as open space for thirty years. Last year, the PRA removed the restriction, paving the way for new homes. The developers got approval from the ZBA last week, so look for construction here in the near future. As for the vacant lots next door, they're privately owned, so it's quite possible they'll also be developed at some point. Interested in building here? Make an offer, maybe the owners would like to sell.